Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.36

Mobile Legends Dunia Esport

Mobile Legends Dunia Esport

Mobile Legends kembali mendapatkan update terbaru pada 17 Desember 2019 lalu. Banyak sekali perubahan-perubahan dari Moonton yang bisa menambah variasi permainan. Berikut adalah daftar Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends yang akan di bahas tim DuniaEsport

Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends : Heroes


Crossbow of Tang : this skill can be cast to any targets now when an enemy’s weakness are all hit.


Thunderclap : Adjusted the Damage Reduction from 30%-50% back to 25%-35%.


Baxia-Shiel Unity : The duration of stunning adjusted from 1s/2s back to 0.75s/1.5s.
Tortoise’s Puissance : Adjusted the slowdown debuff from 30% back to 15%


Adjusted the basic attack from 130 back to 125.
Defiant Sword : The physical ATK bonus decreased 5%.


The range of basic ATK increased from 4.8 to 5.


Basic HP increased from 1038 to 1078.


Steel Cable : At all levels,the energy cost increased 1.


Basic attack decreased from 119 to 111.


Vampire Pact : Fixed a problem where the passive would reduce the defense for herself.
Sanguine Bats : The CD adjusted from 12s-10s to 10s at all levels.
Curse of Blood : The skill range decreased from 6 unit to 4 unit. The initial slowdown effect increased from 60% to 90%. The slowdown duration increased from 2s to 5s. Optimized the skill description.


Bat Impact : Basic Damage Increased by 25 . Now he can also deal doubled damage to enemies close to him.
Bats Feast : Now after casting this skill,his MS will be increased by 60% and will rapidly decay to 30% in 2s.


Imperial Justice : The cooldown adjusted from 45s – 40s to 45s at all levels.


Ancient Seed : Optimized the skill description so that it can align with the skill effect better. Now after casting this skill,belerick will leave seeds on the path which can deal extra damage to enemies,slow them down by 1s and taunt them for 1.2s. Decreased the damage per hit but hitting the target for 2 times will deal more damage than the previous damage per hit.

Deadly Thorns : The basic damage of the rebound attack decreased from 200-410 to 150-360.

Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends : Battlefield Adjustment

1. Battlefield Overview

Lithos Tortoise : changed name to Lithowanderer. Fixed a problem where the Walkie Grass woudn’t become invisible when the killer enters invisible state.

Cyclone Eye : Slightly increased the time of the delay and adjusted the CD to 45s.

Soul of Lava : Fixed a bug where it won’t become invisible when the killers enter invisible state.

Turtle : Slightly decreased the growth of the Physical and Magic ATK of the Turtle buff.

2. Flameshot

It can now knockback the enemies like before.

3. Arrival

Optimized the visual effect.

New Events & Features

1.Christmas is coming!

Ikuti event “Winter Box Pre-order” yang akan di mulai sepanjang 21 Desember 2019 hingga 27 Desember 2019. Jangan lupa Log-in di tanggal 28 Desember untuk klaim 3 “Snowflake” untuk mendapatkan Twilight Tickets,yang akan digunakan untuk berpartisipasi dalam event Winter Box. Putaran pertama bergaransi skin spesial.

2. Snowflake

Berpartisipasi dalam event Winter Box selama 28 Desember hingga 30 Desember dan dapatkan “Snowflake” dengan cara-cara sebagai berikut :

  • Log-in/Team-up  dengan teman dan menangkan 1 pertandingan.
  • Beli 100 Diamonds.

Kumpulkan “Snowflake” untuk menukarkannya dengan “Twilight Ticket” yang di perlukan untuk membuka Winter Box.

3.Dapatkan Limited time Winter Box mulai dari tanggal 21 Desember.

selama event 2 jenis box akan tersedia dan masing-masing pemain hanya dapat membeli paling banyak 60 box.

daftar hadiah nya adalah seperti berikut :

Elite Box : Berisikan skin spesial,skin elite,dan skin biasa. Sebuah skin elit/spesial pasti di dapatkan di pembukaan ke 5.
Epic Box : Berisikan skin spesial,skin epic,skin elit,dan juga skin biasa. Sebuah skin epic pasti di dapatkan di pembukaan ke 5.

Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends New Hero : Silvanna

Changelog Terbaru Mobile Legends

Perkenalkan hero terbaru mobile legends Silvanna The Imperial Knightress. Berikut adalah ulasan lengkap cara mendapatkan dan keterangan mengenai skill dari hero ini.

Log in dari 14 Desember untuk klaim “Silvanna card” secara GRATIS,yang bisa di tukarkan dengan hero “Silvanna” setelah update-an di tanggal 17 Desember.

Hero Specialty : Fighter kuat spesialis solo

Skill 1:[Cometic Lance] – Silvana Strikes with her lance,dealing Magic Damage to all enemies in the path and stunning the 1st hero it hit. Meanwhile, she increases her Movement speed. If this skill hits a target,Silvanna can dash in a designated direction and strike with her lance again and dealing magical damage to enemies nearby.

Skill 2:[Spiral Strangling] – Silvanna stabs her lance in a designated direction and spins it for several times. Each time deals magical damage to enemies within the AoE and slightly pulls them to center. Meanwhile,generates shield for herself. Silvana can spins her lance one more time for extra 50% ASPD. If the target is a minion,deals less damage.

Ultimate:[Imperial Justice] – Silvanna leaps toward and area,dealing magical damage to enemies within the AoE and slowing them down. Meanwhile,Silvana creates a circle of light,the enemies closest to the center will be restrained from escaping for several seconds. If Silvanna in the circle,she will get extra ASPD and Magic Lifesteal.

Passive:[Knightess’ Resolve] – Silvanna deals Magic Damage with Basic Attack. her skills can mark the enemy hit. Each mark reduces the target’s Physical & Magical Defense. A target can carry up to 5 marks. When the amount of marks reches the limit,Silvanna’s skill can deal Extra Damage to the target.